May 2003: Experimenting with a 1:1 model of the dial. Since I was living in the centre of Geneva at that time, the closest place for the tests was a semetary  behind our flat.



May 2003: Experimenting with different models for the semitransparent indicator. I printed different shapes on a transparent foil to see which shapes give the best result.



June 2003: Discussing with a mechanical engineer on the best way to produce the indicators. Each of the 4 pieces was finally built from a a solid brass cylinder. 



July 2003: The base of the dial is sitting on three large threaded rods and can therefore be easily adjusted. For orientating the base I printed a horizontal dial on a piece of paper which I attached to the base plate ...


August 2003: After fixing the triangular granite block to the base plate, the dial was adjusted with respect.



September 2003: The dial is transported to the Solarcity Linz



September 29th 2003: Inauguration of the dial.




The center picture shows the sketch explaining which shadow must be read at which date.



It shows the correct time ! In case the double shadow is difficult to see on the dial (around the equinoxes), holding the had the the dial, as indicated in the picture, gives a very accurate reading.



August 2008: Reading the calendar. The center picture shows how one finds the date from the shadow that the edge of the dial casts on the indicator.